Performance that shines

All Your Construction and Landscaping Needs. All Year Long.

Juel Group is the leading supplier of quality products, innovative solutions and exceptional service to the construction, landscape and contacting industries. Our renowned brands leverage expanded technology capabilities to deliver on our customers evolving needs, with the utmost precision. As a trusted partner, JUEL Group is dedicated to shining brightly in the world of bulk supply and delivery. We’ve been doing it for over 50 years.

Worth our salt.

Draglam Salt is Ontario’s leading independent supplier of bulk and bagged salt. As one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, we’re the team you can rely on salt, liquid de-icing products and more, no matter how severe the weather gets.


One-of-a-Kind Service.

Draglam Waste & Recycling is the GTA’s most comprehensive provider of waste management and removal services, offering disposal bins, dumpsters, recycling and demolition services. Eliminate your waste and worry. It’s environmental sustainability for future generations.


Unsurpassed Brilliance.

EarthCo is one of the largest suppliers in Toronto Vaughan and Scarborough of bulking planting soils, screened topsoil, custom soil, mulch and compost. We are driven to see our clients turning our healthy, brown soil into thriving green space.


Service That Shines.

Brock Aggregates has developed a solid reputation for our high quality aggregates, delivered throughout the GTA. We supply a wide range of sand, stone, grave, ¾ crush and limestone screening – the foundations needed to build resilient infrastructure for the GTA’s communities.